News – More details of the new Hitman game announced

June 18, 2015 by  
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The next Hitman game has been branded the most ambitious game in the series yet, although developer IO Interactive have also seemingly remembered the best things that the Hitman games are comprised of.

You are still given the freedom to assassinate targets in any way you wish, although some targets are timed, meaning you have to eliminate them within that time, as some are said to be gone for good once the time runs out. In other words, if you are given only 48 hours to do the job, then you’d better get the bald-headed assassin to work.

The game has an episodic-like structure, with contracts, locations (bigger than they’ve ever been in the series) and gameplay mechanics being made available over time. The story of the game will apparently come to an end in 2016.

Those who purchase the PS4 version of the game will receive exclusive bonus content, which includes a beta and six extra contracts.

Hitman is due for release on December 8th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.