News – Local multiplayer game Wondershot announced

January 23, 2016 by  
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The people at French developer Leikir Studio have fond memories of local multiplayer games, and that’s the reason they have made it a focus of Wondershot, their new fast-paced party game.

Wondershot is played from a top-down perspective, and there’s support for up to four players, either against one another or against waves of AI opponents in changing environments. The game has simple rules, with “one shot and you’re down” being the order of the day. You’ll have to learn how to use weapons such as the bow, boomerang, hammer, and slingshot and make use of their unique abilities.

The controls are said to be simple and responsive, and Leikir Studio set out to make a game that had a lot more pick up and play appeal than Isbarah, their first game.

Wondershot is due for release this winter on PS4, Xbox One and PC.