News – Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII announced

September 1, 2012 by  
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Square has revealed Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the third and final game in the Final Fantasy XIII series.

As the title suggests, you’ll take charge of Lightning, who in Final Fantasy XIII-2 took a back seat to both her sister Serah and new guy Noel. It takes place around hundreds of years after the events of that game and the story once again revolves around time paradoxes and such.

Time will again be incorporated into the mechanics of the game, though in a different fashion to XIII-2. There will be a timer on the screen counting down the time until the world ends. Much like the revered Valkyrie Profile, your actions will cause time to pass, for instance certain powerful magical spells will use up a fair chunk of the precious time, offering the potential for some difficult decisions to make throughout the course of the game. In what is a Dead Rising and Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter like twist, up on failure you’re apparently able to restart the game with learnt skills still intact, meaning progression is still made.

The combat system takes much more of an action focus this time around, allowing you to directly move Lightning around the battlefield and you’re able to dodge and parry enemy attacks.

The game is set over four islands, connected by a Monorail and is said to be open ended in nature, to a higher degree than Final Fantasy XIII-2.

It certainly sounds like another bold reinvention for the series.