News – Killzone Mercenary announced

August 15, 2012 by  
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At Gamescom, Sony revealed Killzone Mercenary, the first Vita offering for the series.

Unsurprisingly, unlike the excellent PSP game Killzone: Liberation, which was sensibly morphed into a top-down shooter to get around the absence of an additional stick, with Killzone Mercenary the developer however has the luxury of two sticks, allowing them to create an FPS without the awkward controls that all too often blighted the genre on sony’s previous portable system.

Details are scarce on the game at this point in time, though if the glimpse of gameplay in the trailer is anything to go by, it appears to live up to series standards in terms of visuals, by offering one of the formats finer looking games.

Killzone Mercenary is set for release next year.