News – Hard Reset Redux gets debut trailer

January 27, 2016 by  
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Cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset Redux is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC soon, and publisher Gambitious Digital Entertainment have released a new trailer.

Humanity is apparently on the brink of extinction, and the walls protecting the city of Bezoar have been breached, which gives you a valid excuse to get some shooting done.

The original Hard Reset was first released on the PC in 2011, and was developed by Flying Wild Hog, the people behind 2014’s Shadow Warrior reboot. It’s a fast paced FPS inspired by the kind of shooter that Doom and Quake represent. As the trailer below shows, you’ll get to use various weapons, including a brand new Cyber-Katana for those up and close situations. There’s also a new quick dash move.

The trailer also shows off enhanced visuals, with the game making use of the newest version of developer Flying Wild Hog’s RoadHog engine, allowing for improved lighting and effects.

The Redux version of the game also adds in Cyborg Zombie enemies, and we’ll also have access to all the content from the Exile expansion that was released for the original PC version in 2012.