News – Gun Loco Revealed

August 16, 2010 by  
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Square Enix has announced Gun Loco, an Xbox 360 exclusive multiplayer focussed shooter that is set to arrive next year.

The premise of Gun Loco sees the universe’s worst criminals running riot on a planet that functions as a prison, where they’re not able to do harm to anyone else but each other. These prisoners have divided themselves into factions and battle for freedom, power and just for the fact that they’re rather fond of spilling blood.

To play, Gun Loco is a fast paced arcade style shooter, where you’re able to run, jump, duck and vault. You’re also able to taunt your opponents and each character possesses their own kill move. It’s got a dark sense of humour, so expect something along the lines of Mortal Kombat’s Fatalities here.

The game has a fairly distinct visual style and this has been created with toy designer and artist Kenny Wong: first making a toy figure of each character, which then was imported into the game and then animated and such.