News – GRID and Operation Flashpoint Sequels in Development

July 27, 2010 by  
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Joining F1 2010 (released this coming September) and DiRT 3 (release TBA) as future racing games releases for Codemasters, is a sequel to Race Driver: GRID. Codemasters’ Senior Vice President of Production Jamie MacDonald said that the sequel was coming in an interview with Develop. I really enjoyed the original GRID and hope that the sequel will be more of the same and more.

Also, we have been promised a new Operation Flashpoint game. Let’s hope it isn’t as glitchy as Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was.

In more Codemasters news, it’s been revealed that the UK developer and publisher are also working on an under wraps project, which will be using version 2 of the powerful and flexible EGO engine.