News – Gravity Crash Ultra announced for Vita

August 21, 2013 by  
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Gravity Crash, which was first released for the PS3 four years ago, is headed to Vita under the title of Gravity Rush Ultra.

With the addition of the Ultra title, you can expect some extras over the original PS3 release of the shooter.

The game, developed by Just Add Water, will feature 42 levels, and 7 of these are brand new for this Vita release, and there will also be an expanded ship selection. Tweaked weapons, visual effects, and a new version of the soundtrack from CoLDSTORAGE can also be expected. You’ll also be able to create new levels through Vita’s touchscreen.

The game also makes use of Vita’s twin sticks, and runs at 60 frames per second in the same way that the PS3 version does.

Gravity Crash Ultra is due to be released next year.