Gang Beasts looks like a fun multiplayer brawler

November 28, 2017 by  
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Gang Beasts is a physics based fighting game for up to four players, and as the below trailer shows it looks like it offers plenty of over the top fun.

The game allows you to do such things as toss your opponents from great heights, knock them into incinerators or machinery, and more. It’s the sort of game that looks like it will offer a lot of laughs thanks to its impressive ragdoll physics.

Gang Beasts features a mode that has you taking on waves of enemies, another mode that is a version of football, and a typical multiplayer mode that just has you beating each other up. The game also includes customisation options for your character.

Gang Beasts is due for release on December 12th on PS4. Watching the below trailer, it kind of reminds me of Human: Fall Flat.