News – Future FIFA games to Boast More Detailed Player Stats

July 22, 2010 by  
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EA have announced a new partnership with the FA Premier League which will benefit future FIFA games, particularly the stats of each player.

The Player Performance Index will be sponsored by EA and will allow the company to have access to data such as the speed players strike the ball, the height of jumps, and the speed of penalty kicks. This will surely benefit the realism of EA’s future football games.

“As the most watched domestic football competition in the world, the Barclays Premier League delivers tremendous global exposure and direct access to one of the most passionate football audiences in the world. Partnering with the Premier League further establishes EA SPORTS and its FIFA franchise as the ultimate, authentic football gaming experience. We look forward to adding further in-game authenticity with the direct access to the Player Performance Index as well as releasing new ways to leverage our technology to enhance the fans enjoyment of Barclays Premier League football on and beyond match day each week.” Said Matt Bilbey, Vice President of Football, EA Sports.

The next FIFA game, FIFA 11, will be released October 1st on all the major formats.