News – Forza 4 has 500 cars and looks a lot nicer

March 24, 2011 by  
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According to a marketing survey Xbox 360 racer Forza Motorsport 4 will include 500 cars from 80 manufacturers and the visuals are said to be 10 times better than previously, with new lighting and shading models. In fact, the survey even goes as far to say that Forza 4 will be the best looking game of the year. Marketing hype or the truth? Only time will tell.

The career mode will apparently have more variety. Also, Kinect (which is optional) will be used in various ways: head tracking, steering, voice controls to run through the menus and to look around the cars, with Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson educating you on each motor.

The survey also asked people what they thought about an open-world Forza game, which will most likely be in regards to Forza 5 and onwards.

Source: Kotaku