Fortified coming to Xbox One next month

January 23, 2016 by  
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Clapfoot Inc’s Fortified is inspired by 1950s science fiction films, but it’s also a mixture of genres.

You’ll be going up against an army of alien robots and defending your city, as the robots featured here are definitely not friendly visitors to our world.

The game is described as a mixture of action, real time strategy and tower defense. Your weaponry is Cold War era-inspired, but you’ll also get the opportunity to make use of some experimental technology.

There’s four character classes in the game which includes in the developers own words “a jetpack piloting heroine, a shotgun wielding space cowboy, a secret government agent, and a battle hardened Marine captain.” There’s also co-op play for up to four players, in which you’ll have to strategise with one another.

Fortified will be released on Xbox One and PC on February 3rd.