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Perception is an upcoming horror adventure, following its young protagonist, Cassie, who is blind. That is the hook of this spooky new game from developers The Deep End Games. Cassie is seen in the trailer exploring a mysterious house, known as Echo Bluff Estate. Cassie does not come armed with weapons, instead using echolocation as means of getting around. Cassie also has her cane and a smartphone, though it is her sharp wit that will be her ultimate ally. With it’s blue and black hues, the game brings a panicking sense of claustrophobia as Cassie explores the house, uncovering its secrets and evading an evil foe only known as The Presence. The fact Cassie is blind brings a whole new angle to this promising looking game.

The project is currently being funded through the Kickstarter website, and the developers hope to have the game completed by June 2016. Perception will initially be released on PC, hopefully coming to the PS4 and Xbox One some time later.

And if you feel the game does have a lot of potential for success, then feel free to help the fund by visiting where you can also find out more about the game.