News – FIFA 11 Wii to Feature 5 versus 5 Street Matches

July 27, 2010 by  
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EA have announced that FIFA 11 on the Wii will have 5-A-SIDE street matches as an alternative to the usual and most popular manner in which football is played. In this mode the players have their own unique abilities, and the wall can be used to leap past hapless defenders in such locations as Brazil, London and France. There’s also an arcade mode, and here it sounds rather like FIFA Street as you are able to build up a power meter to supercharge your shot power, speed past other players and more.

FIFA 11 on the Wii also features a new trick system to bamboozle defenders and knock them off balance (perhaps on to their behinds) with a load of fancy new tricks.

FIFA 11 will be released October 1st.