News – Far Cry 4 Battles of Kyrat detailed

October 31, 2014 by  
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Far Cry 4 will feature Battles of Kyrat a team based deathmatch mode, Ubisoft has announced.

This is a 5 versus 5 mode, which sees two contrasting factions fighting one another. The Rakshasa use traditional weaponry like crossbows, but can also make multiple changes to them and are able to summon animals to assist them. The Golden Path meanwhile are focused on high tech weapons, vehicles and capabilities and also can use bell towers, which allows them to spot hidden enemies from a distance.

The mode will initially feature 10 maps and three modes. Outpost has the Golden Path attempting to set up an outpost whilst the Rakshasa must prevent them from doing so. Propaganda on he other hand tasks the Golden path with destroying three instalations, whilst the Rakshasa must protect them. Finally Demon Mask has both teams finding a mask and taking it back to their base.

Far Cry 4 is set to arrive on the 18th of November.