News – Fantastic Pets announced by THQ

October 21, 2010 by  
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THQ are releasing a Blitz Games Studios developed game titled Fantastic Pets for the Xbox 360. It’s a Kinect game and you’ll see yourself appear on your TV screen, being the first augmented reality game for Microsoft’s new full body motion controller.

Your body movements and your voice commands will allow you to interact with and nurture your pet: a dog, a cat, horse or a lizard. Apparently your pet can morph into a mystical creature, the horse will become a unicorn for example. There’s mini games and Talent-Shows and you can get the Kinect camera to snap shots of you and your pets.

Fantastic Pets sounds like it could be the 360’s answer to the PS3’s EyePet, although Microsoft’s Kinetimals will be releasing first alongside Kinect on November 10th. Fantastic Pets is coming later in March 2011.