News – Disgaea 4 Announced

September 17, 2010 by  
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At the Tokyo Game Show it was revealed – in fittingly oddball fashion it has to be said, with company president Souheii Niikawa donning a Prinny suit – that a fourth iteration of Nippon Ichi’s flagship zany strategy RPG series, Disgaea is in development.

Not a lot is known at this point, but for the first time since the series inception, Disgaea 4 is getting a visual overhaul, which will be closer to Takehito Harada’s art.

The story will have a political theme and will be as stupid as ever, which is to say very good. There is also an online aspect, which gives you the chance to invade the worlds of other players, no idea how this exactly works yet.

Disgaea 4 is a PS3 exclusive, nothing on a possible European release date, as yet, but since the other three games made it over, there’s a high chance of this one doing the same.