News – DiRT 4 introduces Your Stage feature

January 26, 2017 by  
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Your Stage is arguably the freshly revealed DiRT 4’s headline feature. Fancy having a near infinite amount of rally stages in your DiRT game? Dirt 4’s Your Stage option is described as a rally route creation tool, setting your location as well as route parameters, and then the game will nicely set a stage up for you. You’ll also be able to share your generated stages, and it gives you enough freedom to alter enough settings to create a stage based on your skill level.

As for events in the off-road racer, there’s rally and rallycross, as well as Landrush races in trucks and buggies, and there’s also Joyride challenges which have you racing for the best laptimes, smashing objects and more. The career mode also returns, and you’ll also be able to head to the DirtFish Rally School in Washington in order to practice and learn tricks and techniques. Rally locations include the likes of Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden and Wales.

If you are wondering how the game is going to control, it looks like they are once again going for handling that is a combination of simulation and arcade. With that said, don’t expect the uncompromising handling that was seen in the excellent but exceedingly tough DiRT Rally.

DiRT 4 is due for release on June 9th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.