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Armello is a turn-based strategy digital board game created by League of Geeks, and set in the fantastical world of the same name. The mystical world is full of anthropomorphic animals, who are all separated into numerous clans, with their goal being to swash-buckle their way to become the new King or Queen of the Kingdom, after the original King is corrupted by a dark force, known as the Rot.

The game is billed as a ‘tabletop role-playing game’, with dice and cards being used by the player to determine the characters actions. Players can select from characters who represent a certain clan, with the four initial characters to choose from being a bear called Sana, who is a priest; a rabbit called Amber, who is a tomb raider; Mercurio, a rat who is a scoundrel; and Thane, a wolf who is a sword master. An extra clan, called the Bandit Clan, will be exclusively available to those who backed the project when it was on Kickstarter between April and May 2014.

Armello will be released on the PS4 in September 2015. You can read more about the game here: