News – Death Stranding, new game by Hideo Kojima Revealed

June 14, 2016 by  
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Death Stranding is a new game by Hideo Kojima and stars The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus. A game that certainly looks intriguing, it shows Reedus’s character naked, laying in the sand, and awaking to find he is attached via a synthetic umbilical cord to a crying newborn. Scars on the characters abdomen seem to reveal that the game is taking place during a time when the world has become a wasteland, with dying creatures all around, and where it seems that the men are the ones that give birth to children, though judging by the handcuffs, not willingly. He looks to the sky to see strange silhouettes of people that suddenly vanish, possibly other pregnant males still in some sort of stasis. An intriguing and surreal concept, no gameplay was revealed and no release date confirmed, though hopefully more details will be released soon.

Trailer: IGN