Dark Souls: Remastered is happening

January 11, 2018 by  
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If you have been fancying a remaster of Dark Souls, you’ll be glad to learn that the rumors are indeed true and that the remaster is actually happening.

As you’d expect, the game features support for the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, meaning the capability for 4K visuals as well as 60fps. The game will also be released for PC. In news that will also be pleasing to many, Dark Souls: Remastered also marks the first time that the series will be released on a Nintendo console with a Nintendo Switch version, which also obviously means that you’ll be able to play Dark Souls as a handheld game for the very first time. As for when you play the game docked, 1080p and 30fps can be expected.

The famously difficult Dark Souls series was first released way back in 2011 on PS3 and Xbox 360. The Remaster will be released on 25th May.