News – Crackdown 2 DLC Due Soon

August 24, 2010 by  
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Microsoft has announced the first downloadable content for Xbox 360 exclusive, Crackdown 2. Titled The Toy Box, it will offer a wealth of free content, but will also come with optional pay for content.

What can we expect inside the Toy Box? Well, firstly Keys to the City will be familiar to those who played and downloaded the additional content for the original game – it’s basically a suite of cheats which, amongst other things, allows you to enable God Mode, infinite ammo and even max out your character without having to seek out all those agility orbs. Also when you reach level six for all the skills of your agent, you’ll receive the Thruster Ability, or jetpacks for your boots as the press release states. There’s even a new multiplayer mode called Vehicle Tag, which can be played in six arenas with up to eight players. Right, that’s what you’ll be getting for free, and it’s always nice to be able to download quality extra content for nothing.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s also optional premium content if you choose to pay for it. For 560 Microsoft Points you’ll get two new vehicles: a mini tank which can climb walls and a helicopter with room for up to four players to man their own weapons. There’s also five new toys (what would a toy box be without its toys?): The gravity bending weapon that is the Mass Driver, Portable Launch Pads to jump from, a bouncing grenade that leaves behind smaller explosive charges, Thrusters (which I assume is the same ability that you can unlock in the free content) and finally Mag Grenades are able to attach to characters. Also, there’s two Avatar Awards, 10 new achievements and eight agent suit colours.

No news on a firm date, but The Toy Box is apparently coming soon.