Can you survive in The Solus Project?

February 4, 2016 by  
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Teotl Studios are tasking you to survive on a deserted alien planet in their new game, The Solus Project.

The single player survival game dumps you on a planet with harsh conditions, and you’ll explore environments such as caves and tombs. You’ll also have to face bad weather, which may not necessarily bother you all that much if you live here in the UK. It’s often a struggle between man and nature right here.

The destruction of the human race is threatened in the game, and you’ll learn secrets about the planet’s alien civilization in the story.

The game is first coming to Steam Early Access on February 18th, but will also be coming to the Xbox Game Preview on Xbox One on February 26th. Following that will be episodic updates, which will give you access to more areas of the world for you to explore. The full version of the game is due in May.

For more of what to expect from The Solus Project, the first 8 minutes of the game can be viewed below.