ARMS has a release date

April 14, 2017 by  
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ARMS, Nintendo’s upcoming cartoon fighting game on the Switch finally has a release date, with the game due for release on June 16th.

A new character has also been revealed for the game. While punching is still the primary manner in which she deals out damage, Minmin can also attack with her feet, which makes her standout from the rest of the revealed cast. Her left arm can also transform into a dragon.

ARMS will also have a four player battle mode, with two players teaming up against another two players.

Nintendo will also release a Neon Yellow JoyCon for the Switch around the release for the game, as well as a JoyCon attachment which will help extend the battery life of the controller.

For more on ARMS, take a look at Nintendo’s video below. The video details the different arm attachments (or ARMS, as Nintendo likes to call them) as well as their behavior. You’ll even be able to mix and match different ARMS. The end fight in the video certainly shows that ARMS could be quite the tense and strategic game.