News – Ace Combat: Assault Horizon pre-order bonuses from GAME revealed

September 7, 2011 by  
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If you pre-order Ace Combat: Assault Horizon from GAME, then you’ll receive some exclusive bonuses.

The three skills are said to give you a combat advantage, and amongst them are Enhanced DFM+, Enhanced ASM+, and MG Cool Down+. Enhanced DFM+ allows you to initiate Dog Fight mode earlier than other players without the bonus, Enhanced ASM+, on the hand, allows you to quickly call in allied planes for air strikes, although it will be more difficult to initiate Dog Fight Mode, while MG Cool Down+ sacrifices firepower, but the machine gun is less likely to overheat.

The Friendly Assist System will allow you to share these skills with team-mates.

Three competitive multiplayer modes can be expected when the game launches on October 14th on Xbox 360 and PS3.