News – A batch of PS4 games revealed

February 21, 2013 by  
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Sony announced quite a number of games for their newly revealed PlayStation 4 console, and amongst these was a new Final Fantasy game, although below are the games that did actually feature some details.

First up is Knack, an action platformer developed by Sony Japan. The titular character comes into being through a doctor’s experiments with relics from a lost civilisation. Knack is a strange creature with mysterious powers, and he’s able to draw relics into his body, of which will transform him into a huge monster of a machine. According to Mark Cerny, the director of the game, Knack is like a blend of Crash Bandicoot, Katamari Damacy and God of War. The character will also be able to incorporate ice, metal and other substances into his body, granting him new abilities throughout the game.

Also announced was Killzone: Shadowfall, the latest game in Sony’s flagship FPS series. Taking place 30 years after the events of Killzone 3, and things are different from what they used to be: the Helghast and the Vektans share a city, although they are divided by a wall and embroiled in a war. The game introduces a brand new protagonist, and the first footage suggests that this is one beautiful game, now with some actual colour.

Next up was Driveclub, a racing game from MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios. The game has apparently been in the works for years, although only with the PS4 could the idea be fully realised. The game features fully licensed vehicles as well as an emphasis on team-based gameplay. You race as part of a club and will go up against other clubs, and there’s also various challenges for players to beat. Photo realistic visuals can also be expected, with the developer truly putting effort into the smallest of areas.

Sucker Punch also revealed a brand new InFamous game, InFamous: Second Son. The game introduces a brand new character and city. The hooded protagonist, Deslin Rowe, is seemingly able to teleport. The new city seems to be under constant CCTV surveillance. Sadly, that’s all that has been revealed about the game for now.

Jonathan Blow’s The Witness will also make its first appearance on the PS4. It’s a first person open-world puzzle game that will last you up to 25 hours. The game is very pleasant visually, and it’s due to be released during the launch window of the new console.

Capcom also announced a brand new ip, Deep Down, which is currently its working title. The fantasy game makes use of Capcom’s new Panta Rhei Engine, and looks to be visually impressive, with armoured soldiers attacking and being attacked by a massive dragon.

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs has also been confirmed as a PS4 launch title. The open-world game, first shown off at last year’s E3, has you using a mobile phone to predict things as well as to control parts of the city. It’s all looking mightily impressive, and let’s just hope that the game will offer plenty of freedom.

Blizzard Entertainment also announced that Diablo 3 is coming to both the PS3 as well as the PS4. Local four player cooperative play can be expected on a single screen, and the user interface has been fully optimised for console release. The game will be on-show at PAX East in Boston next month from March 22nd-24th.

Finally, Bungie’s Destiny has been announced as a game that will be released on the new console, and there will be exclusive content in both the PS3 and PS4 versions. Destiny is of course Bungie’s first game and FPS since moving on from the popular Halo series, and it apparently has a focus on online play.