News – MotionPlus support for the Conduit 2

June 11, 2010 by  
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Good news for those with MotionPlus accessories (Nintendo’s Wii remote add-on), SEGA’s The Conduit 2 is to support the use of it.

MotionPlus hasn’t really had many releases for it since it was released last summer (a day short of exactly a year ago), so it’s all good news when we hear that another game is to support it.

For those without MotionPlus, The FPS game can also be played without it for a less accurate (read: more waggly) experience.

“Wii MotionPlus is something that the fans have been asking for since it was announced – we looked at it for the original game, took a look at its implementation in other titles, and ultimately felt that we could add to the experience in Conduit 2 by supporting it.”
“It’s by no means required – gamers will have a great experience without it – but it does offer a level of extra control and adds value to those with the accessory.”
Said Eric Nofsinger, the Chief Creative Officer of the developer, High Voltage Software.