News – Microsoft’s E3 Conference dominated by Kinect

June 15, 2010 by  
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Microsoft has definitely got the casual audience in sight with Kinect (previously known as Natal up until today). The motion sensing camera is the companies attempt to redefine “hands free” entertainment in the living room, and unsurprisingly their E3 conference was completely dominated by it.

Kinect is set to launch alongside 15 compatible titles. Shown off at E3 were the likes of Kinect Sports, Kinectimals, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central, a Star Wars title, Kinect Joyride and a new Forza game. The Rare developed Kinect Sports is a compilation of sporting events which includes football, bowling, javelin, long jump, table tennis, boxing and volleyball. Kinectimals basically has you interacting with and talking to animals, including a tiger – it appears to be like a more advanced Tamigotchi. Kinect Adventures will have a number of different games; amongst them are white-water rafting and mine-kart riding, and the camera even captures some of your silly moments and turns them into photos. Dance Central is billed as the first dancing game that will actually have you dancing properly. Star Wars on the other hand wasn’t demoed, although some impressive footage was shown off, and using the force with one of your hands and also pretending to wield a lightsaber will probably have the Star Wars fans bowing in front of their Yoda models. Kinect Joyride and Forza meanwhile have you pretending to hold a steering wheel, and Forza even allows you to take a proper look around the cars. The North American launch titles are as follows:

Zimba Party
Game Part In Motion
Kinect Adventures!
The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout
Kinect Joyride
Adremanlin Misfits
Kinect Sports
Deca Sports Freedom
Dance Central
Dance Masters
Sonic Free Riders
EA Sports Active 2
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Some of these games look like casual fun, although there has been reports of lag which may ruin certain experiences if it’s noticeable enough, not forgetting to mention that all those who demoed Kinect games at E3 looked like they had escaped from a lunatic asylum. That’s no joke, either.

Kinect is set for launch in North America on November 4th, and I assume that Europe won’t be too far behind. Suspiciously there was no pricing announced. Microsoft, do you have something to hide? Please tell.