News – Metal Gear Solid: Rising to become series

June 28, 2010 by  
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According to the producer, Shigenobu Matsuyama, Metal Gear Solid: Rising isn’t just going to be a single spin-off title as there are plans to turn it into a full blown series.

“I’ve been asked a lot, ‘Is this going to be a side-story or spin-off to the MGS series?’, but what I’m positioning is that there will be a Hideo Kojima game that is MGS, but what we are planning as Kojima Productions is have this Raiden Rising as almost as a standard so that there’s an MGS and the Rising going back-and-forth in the future.” He stated at E3.

The game’s E3 showing revealed the Zan-Datsu system, of which allows you to chop up not only enemies but also parts of the environment. The game will also document Raiden’s story, revealing how he transformed from the ordinary – and to many hateful – Raiden to the cyber ninja that many wanted to take charge of in MGS4.

when MGS: Rising arrives next year, you’ll finally get that chance.