Mecha Storm coming next Friday to Switch

May 16, 2018 by  
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Mecha Storm is a 3D action-packed third-person RPG that invites players to strap into large mech units and battle it out in mech vs mech combat.

Players have to strategically utilise different mech types and upgrades to claim victory in over 50 battles that take place on alien worlds. Players also get to customise their teams, and swap in and out their mech units during battle to defeat the enemy and save the galaxy.

Key Features include:

  • Real-time 3rd person 3D mech vs mech combat
  • Battle arenas that take place on alien worlds and futuristic cities
  • Upgradable mech units
  • Close-combat, Mid-range, and Long-range action

Mecha Storm will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on 25th May 2018.