Mastiff unveil 4 new games

March 27, 2018 by  
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Mastiff today announced four new titles coming to consoles (as well as PC) during 2018.

The first title is called Heavy Fire: Red Shadow and is a 360° arcade style first-person shooter. Red Shadow is the next instalment in the series and allows you to use a turret-mounted machine gun and a rocket launcher to mow down enemies across eight missions. You can also call in supply drops and support from elite infantry troops, fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, and more. The game also supports the PSVR, so you can get a more up close and personal gaming experience! Coming summer 2018.

The next title, Arcade Islands: Volume One, is a collection of 33 easy to pick-up-and-play games. You can climb, run, jump, blast, rocket, outwit, and even putt your way across six exciting and colourful Islands, and up to four friends can join in competitive or cooperative gameplay. Arcade Island will be available summer 2018.

Pool Elite is, of course, a pool game, and is billed as “the most comprehensive and hyper-realistic billiards experience to date”. Using the NVidia PhysX, the game boasts hyper-realistic physics that makes every shot “feel like the real thing”. You can play against AI opponents, or play online or locally with friends. Pool Elite will also be available summer 2018.

The last title unveiled is Thai horror game, Home Sweet Home, a first person adventure following a man who is searching for his wife. The story is inspired by Thai myths and beliefs, and features stealth and some investigative skills as you take on evil spirits. Home Sweet Home will be coming to consoles Autumn 2018.

You can view more about these games in the trailer below.