Maid of Sker, a Welsh Survival Horror Game, revealed

October 30, 2018 by  
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Maid of Sker is a new first person horror survival game coming Q3 2019 to PS4, Xbox One. The game takes its name from a three-volume novel published in 1872, the title of which derives from a Welsh ballad called “Y Ferch o’r Sger” or The Maid of Sker. 

The game will feature a story surrounding the tale of Elizabeth Williams, and her forbidden love, Thomas Evans, a musician who must traverse the many dangers of Sker House – a real life house that still stands in Wales today – to save her.

The game focuses on stealth, exploration and will feature non-combative gameplay, in which the player will have to hide, run, creep, trap and distract enemies in order to survive enemies that will have ‘super hearing’. Sound is an emphasis of the gameplay, and as you progress, enemies will become more difficult to avoid, where the only option then is to stand still and don’t breath.

Choices also matter in the narrative, and will have branching paths and multiple endings depending on how you play.

A bit like Romeo and Juliet meets Amnesia. One to watch.