News – Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Gets Special Edition

July 30, 2010 by  
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Square Enix has announced a Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep special edition, which comes in a fatter box. As for the question of what’s in that thicker box, well obviously there’s the game, but there’s also two art prints and a 48-page artbook. In regards to price, Amazon have got it listed for just £5 more than the standard edition. Both versions are set to be released on the PSP on the 10th September.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is the usual Square Enix and Disney crossover (of which should never have worked, but somehow does) but takes place prior to Sora’s and Roxas’s adventures and features three new heroes and a dimension link system, which allows you to borrow the abilities of other characters. There’s also six player multiplayer support, with both competitive and co-op options  on offer.