Junior Sports Basketball PS2 Review

How do you make a basketball title childish? Easy, throw a load of hyped up kiddies on to the court add in some commentators that will most probably appeal to the real young uns’ and make things that little more simple so that the intended audience don’t become overwhelmed by it all.

The whole set-up of Junior Sports Basketball should please youngsters, with pint-sized kids running around the courts and bantering as they play. The visuals are simple but still ooze with personality and the kids themselves have a unique cartoon style that injects a little soul into proceedings.

Each of these cartoon-styled players has his/her own individual statistical data, which allows you to decide who to place into your squad. Some players are good at taking long shots at the hoop and others are better at defensive play and so on. Mixing up different players should hopefully get your team to act as a cohesive unit as you head down to the court.

Junior Sports Basketball is a simple game to grasp, although it’s not strictly a game of the sport, as we know it, as it is a title that doesn’t want to be taken stony faced as a serious sporting title. Power-ups appear around the courts during play, allowing you and your opponents to get the upper hand over one another. It’s quite a spectacle to see one half of the barrel-shaped kids tumbling over like skittles as a power-up places you into an advantageous position.

You unlock the games secrets after completing objectives during matches, including those if the season mode. Besides the season there’s a sprinkling of mini games, which are enjoyable enough and give a totally different dimension to the sport. It’s just a shame the game is a little devoid of fast action though as we have detailed in the closing paragraph of this review.

Sadly we found it fun for only about five minutes and then it soon started wearing off as the slow pace makes for a dull gaming experience and one that is lacking of any real excitement. If only the game was as ramped up as those Coca Cola guzzling kids we’d be looking at a better game, but instead it’s a rather halfhearted title with a cheap price tag.