Junior Boardgames PS2 Review

We find little point in games like this, which are basically digital conversions of already existing board games and the like. But anyway Junior Boardgames is a compendium of five popular games: Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Dominoes, Battleships and Dice. Honestly, it’s a rather pointless collection and it doesn’t help when the five games aren’t any good to start with either.

On the good side, the game is nicely presented albeit in a fittingly simplistic fashion. The visuals are bright and functional, but never outstanding, which to be fair is expected from a game based off board games. But even here, there are some problems. For instance the camera view for Dominoes is a bit too distant for our liking, leaving it difficult to see the dots etched on each of the tiles. We’re not going to waste our time telling you the rules of the five available games, as chances are that you’re already familiar with them. This about ends this brief review.

There’s nothing especially bad about Junior Boardgames, but games of skill rather than luck would have been welcome and despite its budget price, we feel these five games could be picked up for cheaper. Its target audience could possibly find some enjoyment from it, but why not pick up the actual games themselves? Not horrendous, but still a largely superfluous game in the end.