Joe Danger Patch Released

August 27, 2010 by  
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The first major update for the PS3’s Joe Danger has been released, and Hello Games haven’t christened it the People’s Patch for nothing.

The developer has taken into consideration the requests of many, meaning we now have replays and YouTube support, in which allows you to upload your slick motorbike riding skills for the world to see. There’s also new costumes, a custom soundtrack option, extra multiplayer levels, level sharing (Hello Games have made available two new levels of their own), new level editing options, support for future downloadable tours, hidden stuff and more. It’s also completely free!

It’s nice to know that such a small developer listens to their fan base.

Joe Danger is one of 2010’s best games and is available on the PlayStation Store for a very reasonable £9.99 (there’s also a demo, which was released this week for those unsure about the game). Read our glowing review here.

Source: Official US Playstation Blog