News – Jon Hare’s ‘Free for Freaks’ pricing system

August 11, 2010 by  
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Industry veteran Jon Hare has announced details of his latest venture, including a new way for paying for games. With his company Tower Studios, working in conjunction with Polish developers Vivid Games, there will be three titles launched this year across a variety of formats.

Speaking to, Hare revealed “We’re going to put three titles out with them this year, then more and bigger next year, with titles from other companies to follow. With Vivid we’re planning on a game every couple of months.” This will include games for iPhone initially, then iPad, Samsung and Android to follow.

Perhaps more interesting is the pricing structure, which Hare has dubbed “Free for Freaks”. The initial game and first three lives each time you play are free, with “packs” of 10 lives to extend your game available for $1 – just like inserting a coin to continue an old arcade game. This pricing model should apply across the various formats, with Tower also hoping to include an Achievements-style system for each game.

And for fans of Hare’s previous work with Sensible Software, there is good news. “These platforms allow me to work with some good teams and product, with innovative gameplay, innovative economic models and a mixture of classic licensed games and original games. We’ve got some licensed deals in place with the IP holders of the 16-bit era games that I’m associated with, so there will be some of those alongside the more original stuff.”