Flower PS3 Review

Let me get one thing out of the way, Flower is not a proper game, rather it’s more of an experience than something you are going to get any real challenge or longevity out of. That’s not to say that, like a petal in the wind, you should let Flower pass you by, it’s a nice alternative to soothing music, massages, Yoga and things like that, and for people like me and you it does actually have some form of challenge if you decide to seek out the included trophies.

Developed by thatgamecompany (nope, I‘m not sure which one they mean either) and available to download from the PlayStation Store, Flower is a game that relies on the SIXAXIS motion sensing as a means of control and uses it skilfully. The PS3 pad is used to gently steer an always growing mass of petals around the attractive environments, restoring life and vitality wherever you go.

You begin each of the seven levels with a single petal and flying over flowers will add another petal to accompany it, until you have an impressive line of them swirling in the wind. Taking petals from certain flowers will heal the environment, bringing about a glorious spread of colour and life, a beautiful thing that is truly dazzling for the eyes.

The sizeable environments are also a wonderful sight, open grassy fields surrounded by mountains, and you’ll even find a few pleasant surprises in the later levels. The last level (don’t stop reading, I’m not going to spoil anything of such a slight game) in particular is a truly magical one where your efforts of healing the world are fully felt.

Flower is a visual spectacular and perhaps a new benchmark for downloadable games. The manner in which the grass and flowers blow as you pass by is lovely to watch, and doing your healing thing results in a burst of colour that is so wonderful that – along with the nice, peaceful and mood fitting music – it should give even the most miserable person a warm positive feeling inside.

Like I mentioned in the opening paragraph, Flower doesn’t come with much challenge. There’s trophies for those who want them, but past that there’s nothing to threaten this laidback and very brief experience. I would have appreciated a speed run mode or the potential to turn on points, thatgamecompany could have included these things as options without losing sight of their main goal. Downloadable content at an extra cost in the future, perhaps?

At £6.29 Flower is perhaps a little overpriced for what it is, don’t get me wrong it’s a nice calming experience that does have a certain degree of challenge, although it’s nothing more than that. If you want something to escape into from the stresses of life then it may very well be money well spent, but, whatever the case, Flower is a vibrant, powerful and enchanting experience.