Fall Guys Season 2 coming next week

October 4, 2020 by  
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Fans of Fall Guys won’t have to wait for Season 2 much longer – it’s due for release on 8th October 2020, and from the 5th October until the 8th, fans can win double fame points to mark the end of Season 1 and the launch of Season 2.

Fall Guys devs have been listening intently to the fans, and the new season will have a number of new features including “600% more crowns”, for those who struggle to win any against up to 59 other competitors (yours truly included) and new levels, including the recently teased Wall Guys, a level in which you are tasked with climbing movable walls to get to the goal.

Another new feature will be an option to randomise your outfit, and also customisable nameplates, nicknames and community names in the new Interface menu.

One setback will be that both your level and fame will reset as the new season begins, and if you haven’t managed to unlock all of the costumes, you’re nearly out of time to catch them all as the devs have stated that costumes you haven’t unlocked may not roll over into the next season.