E3 2018: Death Stranding new trailer, still bizarre

June 12, 2018 by  
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A new trailer for Death Stranding once more leaves us with more questions than answers, but at least reveals a bit more about the world, some new characters and the main protagonists name (Sam Porter-Bridges).

The world we are shown shows delivery workers in protective suits, but it’s a mystery as to what exactly they are delivering, at one point a character carrying what looks like a wrapped-up person on their back. Sam also comments that he is nothing more than a delivery man.

The world has robots, tethered to workers as they traverse the land. Not much gameplay was revealed, but these characters are shown traversing water and climbing mountains, and Sam is also shown to be walking quite stealthily later on.

The enemies of the game are also shown a bit more, invisible monsters and black apparitions that will apparently eat the characters. A new character is also introduced, played by Lea Seydoux.

Sam is later shown to be using a light sensor used to highlight these black apparitions as he sneaks past them, a sensor that is, bizarrely, powered by a baby in a stasis pod. Eventually Sam is surrounded and overwhelmed by these apparitions, which go on to drag him into the ground.

The trailer finishes with Lea Seydoux’s character eating a ‘cryptobyte’, a strange slug that seemingly keeps the invisible timefall away, then showing another character, a blond woman who perhaps is Sam’s wife, who was shown in a photo at the start. Maybe?

It seems Death Stranding, even with more details, still continues to be a bit of a puzzle, leaving people baffled.

No release date has yet been given.