E3 2017: The Last Night revealed for Xbox One

June 15, 2017 by  
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A stunning visual treat for the eyes is The Last Night, a 3D voxellated game by Odd Tales, published by Raw Fury. The trailer shows a dystopian futuristic setting, where flying cars exist and all menial jobs have been taken over by computers and machinery, which has lead to an ‘era of leisure’, an era in which the main protagonist, Charlie, now exists. Speculation as to the genre of the game is vague, though it could more than likely be a side-scrolling platformer, or even a point and click adventure. There’s a few scenes shown; a character in a shootout, shooting another person, someone balancing on a flying car, and then jumping into a taxi to escape; presumably these are related to the story, though not much else can be gleamed from the trailer. The Last Night is due for release sometime in 2018.