E3 2017: Marvel VS Capcom Infinite Story Demo

June 13, 2017 by  
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With the popularity of combining different worlds into one game comes Capcom’s newest attempt in the form of Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite. Of course, combining characters into one world is nothing new, and Capcom have a vast track record of featuring beloved characters together in various Vs games.

However, as a first time viewer of these games, I must say Infinite looked quite strange, and Chris Redfield, from the Resident Evil series, seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. As Kotaku rightly says, it does feel like a rather awkward fan fiction story, with a bromance forming between Devil May Cry’s Dante and Rocket Raccoon and some very odd-looking proportions between the wildly different characters.

Thankfully the game embraces the oddness, focusing on light-hearted dialogue to go along with the fast paced gameplay. You can also embrace the oddness when Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite is released on September 19th 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More gameplay footage can be viewed below, though you can download and view the story demo now.