E3 2017: Final Fantasy XV Fishing game for VR revealed

June 13, 2017 by  
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Fishing games go down a treat, don’t they? SEGA is well adept at creating fishing titles and are known for developing SEGA Bass Fishing, SEGA Marine Fishing and also forcing fishing on us in Sonic Adventure, which was without a doubt the most exciting part of the game(!)

But it seems fishing games on their own don’t really cause much of a fuss, so now it’s Square Enix’s turn to try and popularise the fishing genre by combining it with Final Fantasy 15, in PSVR.

That must mean not much happens in the game, but as well as fishing for all kinds of horrors from the deep, you’ll also get to hang out with the games characters around a camp fire, roasting food, and can also admire the many alien wildlife wandering around.

The trailer tries to make the game feel more action-packed than it actually is by adding fast paced rock music, though you know this is only a trick to make it feel more lively than it is going to be. Definitely a game for fans only.

Monsters of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV will be released in September 2017.