E3 2017: Dontnod reveal more Vampyr Footage

June 18, 2017 by  
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Revealed at E3 in 2015 and with new footage emerging the following year, this year more was shown of Dontnod’s bloodthirsty game, Vampyr. Set in London 1918 during the flu epidemic, you play as Johnathan E. Reid, a doctor with a bloody secret – he is a vampire. The game is semi-open world, and focuses on Reid’s ability to control his blood lust.

Quite a refreshing-looking game, Reid can choose whether or not he wants to kill people to satisfy his thirst, and it is possible to complete the game without taking a single life. Should you choose to take lives though, you do this through information gathering of the intended victims and maintaining relationships by communicating with inhabitants via multiple choice answers; each of the inhabitants have their own backgrounds, relationships and routines. A fun-sounding aspect is the fact that Reid can change any of the inhabitants into vampires, and depending on the overall health of the inhabitants, London can fall into disarray.

There are enemies in the game, other vampire societies and vampire hunters, and Reid can make use of a multitude of weapons for combat. He also has vampire powers, special abilities he can also make use of during combat, including spears of blood, the control of shadows, and a ‘spring’ ability that allows him to traverse over long distances instantly, granting him some temporary invincibility.

Vampyr seems like quite a substantial game; more gameplay footage can be viewed below. Vampyr is due for release in November 2017.