Detached PSVR release date announced

May 10, 2018 by  
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Detached for the PSVR will allow you to become an astronaut and explore the confines a space station, called The Zoe, all whilst giving you the experience of Zero-G and weightlessness.

Your goal is to try and survive and find a life capsule, all whilst managing your oxygen and fuel levels. The only thing you can do is rely on the advanced modules of your EVA suit and move on, exploring the other areas of the abandoned space station.

Detached includes:

  • Single campaign mode: gives you the chance to survive in weightlessness, with rapidly decreasing oxygen and fuel reserves.
  • Advanced EVA space suit: additional modules such as shields, boosts and homing missiles will become your best friends as you wade through the reactor core or knock down enemy drones.
  • 2 multiplayer modes, including Package Extraction, in which you battle for cargo in the middle of nowhere. You use all possible means to attack your opponent and gain an advantage. Avoid attacks to get back to the base in one piece. In Race, you get to race among pieces of broken shuttle and large asteroids.
  • Up to 45 achievements to be unlocked in single player and multiplayer mode.
  • Full support for the DualShock 4 controller.

Detached will be released for PSVR on July 5th 2018.