Destruction AllStars gets more gameplay details

November 5, 2020 by  
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Following last week’s news of its delay and PlayStation Plus release, Destruction AllStars has had more gameplay details released, giving us more of an idea as to how the game is actually going to play when it is released in February next year on PS5. There’s also a video below that shows off the game.

Developer Lucid Games have revealed what kind of modes can be expected in the game. Mayhem is pretty much a deathmatch style mode, with you wrecking as many opponents as possible within the given time limit. Carnado is, meanwhile, described as a risk versus reward mode in which you earn gears for wrecking opponents, and you can destroy your vehicle to score points. Stockpile is a Capture and Control type mode, and Gridfall finally has the arena falling away beneath your wheels, forcing you to improvise by moving to other areas.

There’s also practice and challenge modes, as well as unlockable cosmetic items. Lucid games are also promising updates throughout next year, including new characters, series’ and other features.

One of Destruction AllStar’s major twists is that when your vehicle is destroyed, you can continue the fight for victory on-foot.