Descenders Xbox One release date

May 10, 2018 by  
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Descenders is a downhill mountain biking game with fast-paced action that’s easy to pick up, but difficult to master.

Controls allow players to string together trick combos as you make your way down a mountain and attempt to reach the bottom with as few scratches as possible.

Worlds are procedurally generated meaning no two runs are ever the same, with special challenge nodes to discover and difficult Boss Jumps. Lingering for too long will see the day pass by and the sun begin to set, forcing you to ride through the night to complete your goal.

As you progress, you can unlock additional Crew Members who will provide special upgrades and mutators, allowing you to hone your run to your exact specifications. There’s over 3.5 billion levels to explore, dozens of mutators to collect, various hidden nodes, and a plethora of unlockable kits, helmets, bikes and accessories.

Descenders will launch May 15th 2018 on Xbox One for £19.99.