Crazy Golf World Tour PS2 Review

Imagine if there was a “crazy” version of every sport in the world, fancy playing football on a giant pinball table? How about cricket on a massive rotating field? Or maybe Rugby on ice would be good fun? The world would simply be a better place with these more insane of sports, albeit with a few more nasty injuries for the medics to contend with. To get back to the point of this review, Crazy Golf World Tour is a good cheap laugh, and is as equally crazy as its namesake.

The game in question is definitely a title that has been designed with gamers of all types in mind. It’s simple to initially get to grips with, but mastering every single shot in every situation is another thing. We do think the presence of on-screen numerical values would have done the game some favours, as many of the shots require guesswork over any skill for unfamilliar players. Of course, with practice the games analog stick-controlled power meter becomes easier to read, and everyone and their mothers will soon be hitting some magnificent shots on the most difficult of holes.

Everyone knows that Crazy Golf is a crazier alternative to “real” golf, and Liquid Games’ take on the sport is suitably mental. The game has three well-designed 18-hole courses (one available at the start and two to unlock) with all sorts of nasty obstacles to contend with. A hole can appear to be unchallenging on first appearance, but closer inspection often reveals that there’s a water hazard in the corner or a bump that will send a ball flying straight out of bounds if the shot is delivered at too fast of a pace. At least there’s a flyover at the start of every hole and the triangle button will most probably become your best friend whilst judging your shots and looking out for cruel obstacles, which include everything from moving barriers to narrow passages.

It has to be said that the sport of Crazy Golf in virtual form is potentially limited. Learning every hole on every course is a much simpler task then similarly learning on a “real” virtual golf course. This would still take plenty of time and practice though, and with three 18-hole courses to learn as well as the very appealing price, it becomes much less of a concern.

Graphically the game is vibrant and cartoon-like, whilst it isn’t going to trouble the Everybody’s Golf series in a personality race, it still has plenty of visual character, which enlivens an already great game. We just wouldn’t want it any other way.

Crazy Golf World Tour is good wholesome fun, especially when played with other players. It’s a game that is such a good laugh, that even if our ball happened to keep splashing into the small pond on a nightmare hole, we still found it difficult to get frustrated with, as it’s just a very amusing game with a powerful charm. At £9.99; it’s a price that not a single soul could argue with.