Console Obsession Progress Report

June 3, 2010 by  
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Well, you certainly can’t blame us for the lack of updates. If you’ve been visiting the site regularly since the arrival of Version 3, then you would have seen a lot of reviews appearing on the homepage. It’s just a shame that we’ve had no fresh content going live recently.

We’ve been working (unpaid of course) tirelessly to get all of our reviews into the new site and have also had to redirect our old pages to our new pages. PS2 and Xbox reviews have now been moved into our retro section and none of our reviews currently have screens included – it’s all too much work for such unpaid people as us, you see. You’ll also notice that our thumbnails on the main page all look identical, but in the next update we’ll be starting to do things properly.

I’d love to say that it has been a lot of fun moving all our content from one site to another, but personally I’ve grown very tired of looking at computer screens and I think I have worn out my copy and paste function, as well. But finally it’s all done, and fresh content can be expected very soon.

Thank God for that!