Cat Quest PS4 Review

January 13, 2018 by  
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Publisher: The Gentlebros  Developer: The Gentlebros  Genre: Action RPG  Players: 1 

Age Rating: 3+  Other console/handheld formats: Nintendo Switch

A cute game with cartoonish graphics, Cat Quest is a simple RPG that sees an unnamed feline protagonist – with the help of an assistant called… something…. – searching for his sister who is catnapped by the evil…. someone… Yes, as you can tell, the characters are very memorable.

So whilst the characters themselves are rather forgettable, but who you still remember for having a penchant for cat puns, the game itself is still very much enjoyable, an easy-going adventure which sees you levelling up and upgrading in order to fight enemies and save your sister. There’s also something about dragons.

Caves have different difficulty levels – the higher the number, the more difficult the baddies within. You’ll only be able to explore these properly once you match or exceed the level.

Despite my attention waning from the plot, this is still a very addictive game, one that had me hooked for hours at a time. The task you are first set by the main foe is to defeat 3 dragons. These are here to test your skills, and also give you a reason to level up and upgrade so that you can actually fight them. To level up and upgrade, you need to fight smaller enemies, gradually gaining XP so that you can take on larger and larger baddies until you feel you can take on the three dragons, each of which come after the previous has been defeated. These are part of the main story, and whilst it is all well and good fighting the enemies on the map to increase your skills, there is another, and easier, way too.

The world your protagonist inhibits is also inhabited by lots of other cats, who live in different towns that you can visit. Looking at sign posts for that town will give you a mission to complete for one of the townspeople, the difficulty of these increasing the more you complete. Completing these missions will reward you with plenty of XP, and also gold coins, the currency of this world. The gold coins can be used to purchase special abilities, such as ice, electricity, fire, healing, and so fourth, and these also help your heroic feline to become more powerful.

Gaining XP will allow you to take on bigger and stronger foes, though it’s not just about gaining XP that will help you defeat the baddies. You can also find special armour and weapons to use against enemies; both can be found in caves located about the map hidden inside treasure chests. Treasure chests can be bought at the blacksmiths, and opening any treasure chest will reward you with a weapon or piece of armour, but what you receive will all be down to pot luck.

Wearing armour helps increase the damage that you can take, and sporting a sword will increase the damage that you can dish out. You’ll also have stats for your Mana, which is used up when you use your special powers, and stats for your health. Wearing different combinations of armour and weaponry will either decrease or increase your statistics, so it is best to experiment and try to find which combination works best with your play style.

Gameplay takes place on a simple, flat terrain, making it easy to explore.

Story-wise, Cat Quest has been praised for its plot though, admittedly, I find it difficult to see why. It’s as basic as any other kid-friendly game, a simple good vs evil story, including cats and dragons. It’s not the most riveting of tales being told, and the first sign the plot is questionable is when the main foe, instead of killing your kitty character at his weakest, decides to put him to the test, allowing your kitty to become more powerful so that the main foe can fight him. Some of the stories involving the townspeople is where you’ll find the most substance, but mostly it isn’t a game with a story that requires you to use much brain power.

Cat Quest still has much of a charming appeal that it kept me playing for 6 hours straight! I enjoyed moving from one mission to the next, hacking away at any baddies in my path and increasing my XP, and when kitty acquires the ability to fly and walk on water, much of the map is opened up and you can explore further afield much more easily, even finding a few secrets along the way. A game that has very few flaws, it is still close enough to purrfection.